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Ministry is a big scary Christian word. It sometimes scares individuals away who are looking for something natural or organic, just a place to belong. Well at The Ministry, we see everything that we do as a reflection of God's redemptive work in our world. A good conversation over a hot cup of coffee, a game of pick-up hockey, an intentional study of God's word together with a group of individuals who are seeking God together.


The key to The Ministry is that we do life together.


We are not just here for when you have your act together, we are here when the going gets tough. We are here when school is bearing down on you, when relationships with your friends and family become strained, when you are questioning this whole faith thing and if it really matters to you. We are a family, and you don't get to choose your family. Come join us as we pursue God wholeheartedly, in vulnerability, and without judgment.


You are welcome here.

Leadership & Worldview Development

Growing in faith and calling

Have you ever googled the word 'leader'? All of the images are men in business suits. That's not how we see leadership at The Ministry.


We believe all people are created with leadership capacity and gifts, and that learning and growing these gifts can have an amazing impact on Brock University, and the entire Kingdom of God.


Everyone is welcome to join us for our bi-weekly, Leadership & Worldview group today, and learn how to best lead where God has placed you today.


A Community Meal 

A Peacefeast refers to an intentional meal that seeks to strengthen the bonds and the spirit of harmony, faith, and vulnerability among believers and non-believers a like.  

The Ministry hosts one Peacefeast a semester, and would love for you to bring a friend and join us! Everyone is welcome at our table.

Worship Ministry

The Niagara Collective

An evening of creative worship for all students on their journey of belief or unbelief. Whether you've grown up in the church, or you've never set foot in one, The Night Shift is an evening gathering of students asking difficult questions, and earnestly trying to figure out this whole 'faith thing' together.


Interested in attending the service or being part of the service (music, creative arts, testimony)? Sign up below!

Service Ministries

Justice & Hospitality

We believe that reconciliation is more than just a fancy word, but is love on display in action. We believe that all people deserve just treatment and care. Due to this, we serve in a number of ways - both the Brock community and the Niagara community around us. 

Are you interested in justice and hospitality ministry? Sign up to join our team today!


Spiritual Counseling & Care

Pastoral Support & Pastoral Counselling

University can be lonely, isolating, and challenging on every level - emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The Ministry is lead by Pastor Zack DeBruyne, and supported by the Christian Reformed Church.


Should you need spiritual counselling, or if you are just looking for someone to talk to - they are here for you! 

If you are looking to sign up for a 1-1 meeting with Zack, or would like to participate in spiritual direction sign up below or come by the Faith and Life Centre to chat with Zack, or one of our other capable Chaplains.

Interfaith Dialogue & Relationships

A ministry affiliated with the Brock human rights department

Christianity is not an isolated system of belief, it is not the only faith held in North America, nor at Brock University. The Ministry believes that positive and informative interfaith dialogue is crucial for our on-going relationships to those of other religious beliefs. 

If you are interested in learning more about another faith, or want to participate in our next interfaith dialogue, sign up below!

Brock FOCUS: International Student Ministry

A Ministry Partnership with the Faith and life Centre

The purpose of Brock FOCUS is to help international students make friends with Canadians and other internationals, learn about Canadian culture, improve their English skills, and discover the meaning of life.


Brock FOCUS is a Christian organization but we warmly welcome students of all religious and cultural backgrounds to all of our events. We would like to help make your stay in Canada a pleasant and successful one.

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